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we love to dance in the vinyl aisles


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March 01 2006 2241]

my name is joan
i am 25
i live in l.a.
prince, felix da housecat, the cure, underworld and dee lite will get me groovin, but all it takes to get me dancing is an infectious beat and i will dance
in my room, the kitchen, at work, if i'm alone in an elevator, i have no hesitation in being the first person to start dancing at a club or bar when the dance floor is empty.


August 10 2005 2143]

001: My name is Sophie
002: 18
003: Aberdeen, Scotland
004: David Bowie, Head Automatica, PGMG, The Police and The Rolling Stones
005: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
006: I dance in my house, I dance in shops, I dance in the street, I dance in bars and clubs, I dance in my back garden after I've been drinking and once I fell in my pond because of it (oops!)... I dance all the time. I love it.


i am local_heartache. [Wednesday
June 29 2005 0020]

001: my name is abby
002: age 16
003: location alameda!
004: 5 or so bands the cure, weezer, IMA ROBOT, the faint, elefant, butchies, M.I.A., BEP, cheap trick, hellogoodbye. - basically every other band everyone else likes on here too. its fate ya'll.
005: photo if you want Image hosted by Photobucket.com i DANCE to my OWN beat
006: where and when do you dance anywhere i feel the beat run through me


June 13 2005 1402]

001: Emmanuel.
002: 20 years.
003: Washington DC
004: M.I.A., Le Tigre, the Cure, Hot Hot Heat and the Faint.
005: Here's looking at you, kid.
006: Mainly when it is inadvisable and makes people uncomfortable (i.e. at church services, in grocery aisles, and on the way to class).


hey baby [Saturday
April 16 2005 1807]

[ mood | creative ]

001: my name is Alia
002: age: 15
003: location: LaPlata, MD
004: 5 or so bands: David Bowie, Placebo, The Smiths, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Bright Eyes, Garbage, Brand New
005: photo if you want: its kind of blurry

006: where and when do you dance: in the shower, during performances of our school plays (backstage, of course), at concerts, in grocery stores with my 21 year old brother, at dresden dolls shows when all the goth kids are looking at me like im an idiot, during US history class next to the german exchange student, you know....the usual.</

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